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After 20 yeas in the business here are our frequently asked questions that you should always ask when thinking about a new pool, renovation or resurface.

Concrete pools have the unique advantage over other pool construction methods, in that they can be constructed in virtually any shape or position. This is due to concrete being one of the strongest and most versatile construction materials used in the world. Primo Pools have a team of engineers in Perth that will adapt your pool’s specifications to enable us to make your dream pool become a reality.

The Swimming Pool and Spa Association (SPASA) is a self-regulated organisation in which members agree to abide by its rules, regulations and strict code of ethics in the conduct of their business.

SPASA members provide the safeguard of a COMPLETION GUARANTEE for all domestic pools (conditions apply).
SPASA pool builders must use the SPASA-approved contracts for domestic pools.
SPASA members are regularly advised of the latest technology and trade information from within Australia and overseas.
SPASA members must comply with the Australian Standards and meet all legal requirements.
SPASA provides a permanently staffed office, with employees that are competent to advise and appropriately refer or assist customers with their enquiries.
SPASA members have access to technical training and educational programmes designed to ensure their construction and maintenance staff perform with technical excellence.
Prior to acceptance as a member of SPASA, all applicants are assessed by the association as to their competence, experience and professionalism.
Prospective members must provide evidence of successful and competent trading over a substantial period, together with an acceptable credit rating. They must also supply evidence of adequate public liability insurance to ensure protection for you, the customer.

Primo Pools only surrounds itself with Perth’s most trusted and respected tradesman in their fields. All work under gone on site is personally supervised by Daniel, that’s if he is not carrying out the work himself.

Primo Pools offer and honour all structural, workmanship and equipment warranties. Primo Pools understand warranties are very important when it comes to peace of mind when investing in a pool for your home. Upon handover Primo Pools will give you a list of warranty details on all aspects that make up your pool.

At Primo Pools we offer Perth Families the below services

Design – Primo Pools can either help customers expand on their existing ideas or come up with the whole concept, tell them what you want and they’ll make it work.

Water Corp – Submit application to Water Corp and design the pool to their requirements

Engineering – As all Primo Pools are custom built they all require their individual engineering. They will deal direct with the engineers to ensure your pool is built to stand the test of time.

Council – Councils can be complicated and difficult to deal with, Primo Pools will deal direct with your local council to take the stress out of this process.

Excavation – This can be a messy and difficult process if it is not done correctly. Many unexpected issues can arise during excavation for example rock, water and amenities, but with Primo Pools expertise and supervision these will be dealt with promptly and the most cost affect way.

Shell – The shell is the foundation of your pool and it is important it isd built to the correct levels and measurements to ensure a quality finish.

Tiles and Capping – Water line tiles and capping set the mood you want to achieve. It is important they are laid correctly and with Primo Pools you can be sure this will be done with the upmost skill.

Plaster – Daniel is one of Perth’s best plasterers and will not let anyone else plaster his pools, with this guarantee you can be sure you will be getting the best and most durable surface application.

Plumbing / Equipment – Primo Pools only supply their customers with the best equipment Perth has to offer.

Fencing – Councils have strict requirements when it comes to securing your pool. Primo Pools can assure you get quality fencing that also enhances your backyard.

Pool blankets – In WA it is a legal requirement that all pools must have a pool blanket. Primo Pools can arrange anything from your simple blanket roller, to in ground boxes and even hard top fully automatic Remco covers.

This question is usually the make or break for our customers and it’s not an easy one to answer. Pool prices in Perth can vary immensely! But why is this? Here at Primo Pools, we believe that one size definitely does not fit all! Each of our pools are uniquely designed to suit your home. Imagine the chaos from trying to fit a standard, one-size pool into your backyard – It would be just like Tetris!

Our concrete pools are designed to suit your home and surroundings, ensuring that there is enough space for fencing, gardens and relaxing!

For your concrete pool in Perth, prices can depend on:
– The size and design of your pool
– Time frame
– Excavation costs for inground pools
– Extra features including steps, ledges or alcoves
– Any other costs such as council approval, paving or decking

As you may have noticed, pool prices in Perth can depend on numerous factors. Generally, a concrete pool can cost anywhere from $35,000 to $100,000. Here at Primo Pools we understand that each of our customers have different needs, different backyards and will use their pool in different ways, which is why we make it our responsibility to create the perfect pool package for your home!

The Primo Pool Package:
Here at Primo Pools we are dedicated to ensuring that you get one of the top concrete pools in Perth, WA. This doesn’t just mean drawing up a sketch and sending you off to someone else. Primo Pools understand how exciting it can be building your new pool which is why we are with you every step of the way. Our process includes consistent management from the design stage to tiling and plastering, fencing and providing pool blankets if needed at an additional cost.

For a detailed description of our entire package and what you can expect from building with Primo Pools, check out our Process Guide.

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