Pool Build 

A process guide to building your new pool.

All information provided is a guide line and is subject to variation as all our pools are custom built. Follow the colour coded process steps to see how a concrete pool is built.

Things to consider 

Block has to be levelled, surveyed and pegged prior to excavation

If Solar is being installed and you are building a new home, we must be notified when scaffolding is up otherwise there may be extra charges applied to install solar panels on the roof.

If an in ground blanket box is being installed, it must be done prior to paving around the pool.

 Customer Steps
 Primo Steps

Once these received we can start the process

Duration: 5 working days
Water Corporation has to approve prior to engineering specifications being drawn in case they have any requirements we have to meet due to mains or other piping in the area.

Duration: 7 working days

Duration: 5 working days
Engineering specifications are certified prior going to council as it speeds up the process. 

When a BA1 form is lodged to council it is guaranteed to be approved within 10 working days - pending no further details are required.

Duration: 10 working days
Pending on curb bond (if applicable) need to be paid by the owner or house builder.
Fence application submitted and approved. If owner is arranging their own fencing application, this must be lodged in the owners name.
If any works encroach (including chemical injection) on neighbouring properties a B20 form must be signed by the affected neighbour before council will approve.

Duration: 1-2 working days
Unexpected issues can arise during excavation for example rock, water and amenities which can delay this process.

Rock - rock breaker will be required
Water - De watering is required
Amenities - all care is taken during this process but we have no way of knowing where house pipes are located, if any are hit a plumber is required.

Please see contract for variation prices if applicable.

Duration: 5 - 10 working days
The shell builder will form, stell and then concrete your pool. Depending on the size, specification and weather conditions will dictate how long this process will take.

The customer is responsible to arrange for the pool to be covered if required.

Duration - 1 working day
Backfill cannot be done untill 7 days after the pool is concreted.

Duration - 3 - 10 working days
Depending on size, product choice and weather conditions.

15% Payment due before proceeding.

What is required.

Earth wires must be wired to mains
1 -2 10 amp double power points
Electric heat pump will require a 20 amp point on its own circuit point.
Solar heating will run of 10 amp.

Gas heating will require gas ran to the equipment area.

Our recommended electrician is:
Keegan Rudge from Eden Electric
[email protected]

Securely enclose the pool area to council requirements prior to pool being plastered.

Pre internal invoice must be paid prior to plaster day.

Pre internal invoice must be paid prior to plaster day.

Duration - 1 working day
Pool shell must be cleaned perfectly before plaster.

Duration - 1 working day
Plasters will be on site at 5am (pending on time of year). They will be as quiet as possible but please be prepared for people in your yard.

All surrounding sprinklers to your pool area must be turned off the day before and must stay off until your pool is filled with water. No construction work can be carried out around the pool on th day of plaster and until the pool is full.

Duration - 1 working day
Pool will be washed with acid. This brings out the true colour of the quartz and leaves a smother colour. Hose will be turned on and your pool will start to fill.

Duration - 1 working day
All equipment will be programmed and connected to plumbing.

Duration - 1 working day
Pool water cleaned and chemically balanced ready for you to swim in.

Duration - 1 working day
A demonstration on how to maintain your pool and all paper work will be handed over.

Pool is offically complete and awaits salt conversion 

6 weeks after the pool was filled. You can do this yourself or contact James from JMC Pool Care on 0449 188 603 or email [email protected] .

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