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    We were very impressed with Primo Pools. Daniel was just so professional, always helpful and very courteous. We were really happy to see Daniel's continuous presence during construction, making sure everything went according to plan and keeping us informed and worry free. We have received lots of compliments on our swimming pool and would recommend Primo Pools to anyone. Thank you .

    Applecross – New pool

Why Concrete Pools?


Concrete or Fibreglass?

Most people have two choices when it comes to pools. Do I choose a fibreglass or a concrete pool? Fibreglass pools are the more common of the two, especially given that they are the cheaper option. However, when it comes to your concrete pool in Perth, cheaper prices generally come at a cost to quality. Concrete pools in Perth are slightly more expensive but over time they have been shown to be more flexible, long-lasting and have less problems than fibreglass pools.


Concrete Pools are Durable:

One of the major pros of choosing to build a concrete pool in Perth, is the concrete product itself. Made from some of Australia’s highest quality products, Primo Pool’s concrete allows creativity and style to come together. Unlike fibreglass, our concrete pools will generally last up to 20-30 years.


Concrete Pools are Flexible:

Our concrete can be used differently to suit your backyard needs. Primo Pool’s concrete allows our builders to add extra elements such as steps, ledges or alcoves to your pool. Primo Pools are qualified to construct both above and inground concrete pools in Perth.


When choosing either of these options for your backyard, our expert concrete pool builders in Perth like to consider factors such as; budget, pool space and aesthetics. Make your new pool your own and have a chat to our friendly team at Primo Pools today!


Concrete Pools are Stylish:

An inground concrete pool in Perth shows prestige, elegance and style. Our experienced team at Primo Pools are determined to create you the pool you’ve always wanted! View our gallery today to see some of our prestigious concrete swimming pools in Perth,


Pools are a great addition to your home as they can immediately increase the value of your property. A pool built by Primo Pools ensures that your family will have one of the highest quality concrete pools in WA for many years to come.


Primo Pools consistently receive positive feedback from their customers. With unique designs and premium products, it’s no wonder we’re the expert concrete pool builders in Perth!


Start creating the pool you’ve always wanted. Book an appointment today with Primo Pools and soon you’ll be swimming with happiness!